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We help museums, theatres and galleries captivate new audiences, attract more visitors, engage with local communities, and find funding through inspiring video content.

Arts & culture video specialists

Located in Oxford, home of the second largest library in Britain, The Bodleian, Bounce specialises in arts and culture video content. We offer a full range of services from event videos and collection showcase films, to live streaming and fundraising videos.

Full production services

At Bounce, we handle every stage of production from creative concepts, scripting, planning and strategy, to filming and post production. We’ll also advise on the right platforms to reach your audience.

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Arts & culture video production
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Bodleian Libraries

Arts & Culture video
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Ashmolean Museum

Arts & Culture video
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Bodleian Libraries

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Bate Collection

Arts & Culture video
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Bodleian Libraries

Arts & Culture video production
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Pegasus Theatre

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Working with museum and gallery collections

We’ve worked with many leading cultural institutions in Oxford,  from Bodleian Libraries to The Ashmolean Museum and Pegasus Theatre, and have the highest level of production insurance and procedures in place to safeguard your archival items.

Arts & culture video production – tips

Keep it simple. Your scripts need to cater for all audiences. Use conversational language that avoids abbreviations and acronyms.

Go Visual. Highlight your best visual productions and archival items. Bring out vibrant decorated manuscripts, ornate costumes, and dynamic lighting designs for the filming to capture your audience’s attention.

Keep it short. For online video content we recommend 30 to 90 second videos.


Working with Bounce has been a fantastic experience. The team are extremely diligent, ensuring our videos were delivered to a high standard on a tight deadline under ever-changing circumstances.  Developing a creative partnership to take our loose ideas into a video was easy and fruitful with the input and spark from the team, led by Grace.

Bodleian Libraries, Oxford

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If you’re looking for a video team to help you create an effective arts and culture film, give Bounce a call 01865 965189 or send us an email.

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