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Capture your audience’s attention with an engaging animated video.  Our team has all the tools to help you create an effective animation campaign.

Animation company

Based in Oxford, but working with clients in London and throughout the UK, Bounce is an Oxford video production company specialising in animated videos. We help businesses, public and third sector organisations attract new clients, generate sales and raise awareness through succinct and engaging video animation. Whether it be a 2D animated explainer video, a motion graphics brand film or white board animation for your social media pages, we’ll help you find the right format to communicate your message.

Why choose animation?

An animated video allows you to your showcase your company, product or service in a unique and creative way that other types of video cannot do. Animated videos enable you to visually represent abstract ideas. They are particularly useful for explaining new products or technical processes in a clear and simple way. Animation can be produced digitally and doesn’t involve hiring actors, sourcing props or finding multiple filming locations. Animated marketing videos can also be translated into multiple languages and easily updated without arranging further filming.

Check out our latest animation videos

Animation for social snippet
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Motion graphics

Hand-drawn animation

Floods and droughts animated explainer video
Play Video about Floods and droughts animated explainer video
2D Video

2D animated explainer video using infographics and characters

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2d character

2D character animation sample

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Animation services – why Bounce?

Before we get started with your animation project, we’ll take the time to get to an understanding or your aims and objectives, so we can come up with the right creative concept to help you achieve your goals. We cover every aspect of production: from concepts, scripting, storyboarding and asset design, to animation, music, voice overs and sound production. Our work doesn’t finish when we deliver your video; we’ll also help you distribute it, to ensure it gets the widest reach possible.

Animation – tips

Keep it short. We recommend 30 – 90 seconds max for an animated video. This keeps your content concise and engaging…. and your budget low!

Keep it simple. When scripting animated videos use conversational simple language and short sentences limiting words with more than three syllables.

Think about sound. Having sound effects in your video can help bring your concepts to life.

Be original. Collect examples of videos you like to help inspire a unique concept.


Working with Grace and team has been great. From the first call to the final video, Bounce get what you are trying to do, work closely with you to define the story and deliver a superb end product. If you’re looking for a team that can take a corporate story and turn that into a video that builds a real connection with your buyers, you need Bounce.

Tony Watkins, bChannels, Oxford

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