Award winning film-making

Bounce Video founder, Grace Gibbons, completed the industry-renowned Broadcasting degree course at The University of Leeds. She then trained in-house at the BBC for the first three years of her career, before going on to work freelance in the broadcast sector. Grace produced and directed on programmes such as the BAFTA-award winning series Gogglebox, One Born Every Minute and Watchdog.

Emotive storytelling with video

Working on human-interest television programmes, has enabled Grace to create content that connects on an emotional level. This approach is key to engaging your target audience. Grace has interviewed everyone from school children to celebrities and top business leaders. As a result, Grace knows how to make subjects feel relaxed on camera and bring out their authentic voice.

Planning is key

Grace spends time getting to know a company to understand the essence of a client’s story before a single shot is taken. Using television techniques of casting, planning, storyboarding, and scripting, Bounce shoots are expertly planned in advance. This helps our team capture outstanding content on the filming day.

About Grace

Grace is in charge of the planning, scripting, directing and project management at Bounce. She attends every shoot and uses a team of talented cinematographers and editors to help bring her concepts to life. When she’s not busy organising Bounce adventures, Grace can be found rock climbing or digging the garden. She drinks Rooibos tea and prefers dogs to cats

Let us help you

If you are looking for a video team to help you create an effective promotional film, give Bounce a call 01865 965189 or send us an email.


Grace made a beautiful, tender life story film for a young man with a brain injury. Clearly not a straightforward project… However, I don’t think anything could out-fox Grace. If you are looking for something really special, then talk to her.

Nicola Cale
CCMS Case Management Services, Oxford