Why events are a goldmine for video content

So you’re putting on an event? You’ve spent months planning it, you’ve booked leading industry speakers, entertainment and a stylish venue.  Most importantly, just about all your team and customers are going to be there.  Like many companies, you may consider filming the event to create a lasting record of it.

Producing an event highlights video is a great way to promote next year’s event or package up some of your key marketing messages in a dynamic, visual setting.  Here’s an event video which helped a training academy increase attendance figures at their open day events:


As well as your event highlights video, there’s plenty of other content that you can capture to get even more out of the event.

Five of our favourite event video content ideas:


1. Go Live

Since Facebook launched live video in 2016, many businesses are embracing the new platform in their marketing strategies. The immediacy of Facebook Live means people are more willing to start up a conversation. Live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos. Moreover, the beauty of live video is that it can be shot on a mobile phone making it simple and affordable.  Why not organise a 10 minute live tour of the event with one of your guest speakers?

2. Capture some case studies

Your customers are the best advocates for your work. Whilst they’re all together in one place at the event, set up an interview room and use the opportunity to capture a series of 1-minute case study videos like this:

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3. Produce some expert videos

As well as customers, you could also interview your guest speakers and key staff to create a series of handy ‘hints and tips’ videos.  This type of content can be used on your website and social media channels.  It will offer value to your prospects and position you as the ‘go to’ industry expert, which will help build you brand.

4. Create some social media video content

Produce some short form content to publish on social media in the days after the event.  This could include a 30 second red carpet montage, a series of 20 second branded interview snippets or even a time lapse shot of your event space filling up.  This content is fast and easy to produce so can go live quickly and allows you to capitalise on the post-event buzz.

5. No video? Create one using stills!

If you don’t have a videographer attending your event but you do have a photographer coming along, you can create a video using the stills you get on the day, like this conference promo video:

Share your event content

Most importantly, once you’ve produced your content, don’t forget to share it with your customers and prospects. Publish it on your social media channels, upload it to YouTube and email it your mailing lists. Don’t forget to show it at face-to-face at presentations and future events too!

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