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Virtual Reality and 360 Video Oxford

Based in Oxford but filming throughout the UK, Bounce Video creates 360 video and photography content for a range of clients. Virtual reality and 360 video production offers a whole new level of user experience within video marketing campaigns. Imagine transporting your client into an immersive VR experience of your brand. They can take a walk through your premises or fly above a picturesque location.

User control of 360 video subtly draws the viewer in, and studies show higher view, click and share rates for 360 videos than standard videos. Virtual reality and 360 video is now supported by Youtube and Facebook  platforms, so your video has the potential to reach millions of users. For immersive 360 experiences, choose a virtual reality headset such as Samsung VR or Google Cardboard, which can be fully customised to your brand.

Our virtual reality and 360 technology

Our VR specialists use the highest standards of 4k 360 cameras and equipment. As well as static shots on our customised 360 rig, we also create eye-opening, moving shots. We can attach our rig to a car, boat or anything else that moves, and also offer fully licensed drone 360 filming. Our 360 VR specialists handle every stage of production, from concepts and storyboards, to shooting, post production and video distribution.

Tips for creating an unforgettable VR experience

● Make good use of space – 360 video works best in bigger spaces so chose your locations wisely.
● Use action in your shots – if you’re shooting the sea, include a passing boat. If you’re filming a roof top bar, fill it with people!
● Make use of 360 drone shots – they make great opening and closing shots.
● Use time-lapse – shoot a sunrise or sunset 360 time-lapse to add some magic to your video.

360 Photography and Virtual Reality Tours

We can also help you create 360 photography for use in virtual tour software such as 3D Vista

Client Testimonial


The Bounce Video team are super talented, adaptable, reliable and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

Jeremy Anderson, Obergine Marketing, Oxford

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