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10 Steps to Scripting an Expert Video Blog

From video marketing professional Grace Gibbons

Video blogging is a great way for businesses to position themselves as the ‘go to’ industry expert, build trust in their brand and generate sales.  Here’s my 10 step guide to writing attention grabbing video blog scripts:

  1. Carry out research

Think about what type of information your customers would be searching for online and find out what types of blog content other companies are producing. Get ideas for your structure this way but make sure when it comes to writing your script, the content is original and relevant to your company’s unique selling points.

  1. Use a numbered list structure

This makes the information easier for the viewer to remember and provides handy cutting points for the edit. Don’t use more than 5 points.


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  1. Start with a content draft

Once you’ve decided on a structure, start writing your script by doing a content brain dump. Just start writing and don’t focus at all on finding the best way to express it – that bit comes later. Getting hung up on the wording too early is a common problem in scripting that can cause writers block.

  1. Refine the words

Once you’ve got your content down, start refining the words.

  • Use plain speak – scripts are written to be said out loud so should be conversational. Think ‘how would I say this to a someone in conversation?’ For example, when talking to a friend you’d probably use the word ‘great’ instead of ‘excellent’.
  • Use as few words as possible with three or more syllables.
  • Avoid marketing buzzwords, industry jargon, acronyms and abbreviations as that makes people switch off


  1. Introduce yourself and the video

Start the video by introducing your first name, your company and what the video is about.

Example: Hi I’m Grace from video production company Bounce and in this video I’m going to share my top tips on how to script a video blog.

  1. End with a call to action

Consider ending the video with a call to action to encourage further engagement with your brand.

Example: Thanks for watching and for more digital marketing tips follow us or check out our blog.

  1. Make your videos between 2 and 3 minutes long

This is about 300 – 500 words. As well as counting words, do a timed reading to check the duration. The pace that you deliver it on camera will be slower than reading if off the page.

  1. Do a table read

Once you’ve written your script, do a table read and tweak the words to suit your natural speaking voice.

  1. Practice your script

Practice your script by reading it through several times out loud.

  1. Dress for filming

Think about what look you want to represent your company. Colourful clothes look good on camera but try to avoid all black and white where possible.

Grace Gibbons is the founder of Bounce, a company that helps businesses raise their profiles and generate sales though video marketing. Grace spent 8 years in Production and Direction on some of TV’s best known programmes including the BAFTA winning series Gogglebox, BBC Watchdog and One Born Every Minute.  She now brings her experience of documentary storytelling to the video marketing sector.


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