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Meet the Experts Videos

    • Position yourself as the ‘go to’ industry expert and build trust with your clients through a series of 6-10 online expert videos.
      We’ll help you to come up with cool ideas for easily shareable 2 – 3 minute videos, jazz up your scripts, coach you on camera (to be a Youtube superstar!) and provide subtle lighting.
      We can also help you create longer online ‘webinar’ videos where clients subscribe to get tips and advice.

Expert Videos Essentials:

  • Carry out research – Think about what types of information your clients would be searching for online, and see what other blog content is out there. Get theme ideas this way but make sure your content is original.
  • Use a numbered list structure. This helps make your content memorable and shareable. It also provides handy cutting points for the edit. Example: 5 Tips on How to Script an Expert Video Blog.
  • Start with a content draft – Start drafting your script by doing a ‘brain dump’. Don’t worry about finding the best way to express it – that bit comes later.  Getting hung up on the wording too early is a common cause of writers block.
  • Refine the words – So you have the first draft on paper. Now it’s time to start working on those words! Use plain language and as few words as possible with three or more syllables.  And remember – avoid marketing buzzwords, industry jargon, abbreviations and acronyms… unless you want your audience to fall asleep!
  • Use a great thumbnail – Once your video is scripted and filmed don’t forget to package it up with an attractive image.  90% of the best performing online videos on Youtube use a custom thumbnail. Use an image of your expert, with some bright colours and eye-catching text saying what your video is about.


What this package provides:

  •  Full copy of our video marketing guide ‘How to Script your Expert Video’
  • Script editing
  • Broadcast camera operator and director on the shoot
  • On-camera coaching
  • Two-camera interview
  • Full 3 point lighting set-up
  • Editing, post production and delivery
  • 1 round of amendments
  • 6-10 online videos
  • Customized video thumbnails
  • Copy of our guide ‘How to Share Your Expert Video’

If you’re looking for a team to help you create an effective series of expert videos, give Bounce a call on 01865 428890 or send us an email.