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Science and Innovation Videos

Science and Innovation Videos

Science Video Production

Located in Oxford, a leading global centre for science and innovation, Bounce specialises in producing cutting-edge science video content. We offer a full range of science video production packages from company promo videos, explainer animations, training videos and pitch films. At Bounce, we handle every stage of production from creative concepts, planning and strategy, to filming and post production. We’ll also advise on the right platforms to reach your audience and optimise your films to achieve your goals.

Science video production – animation or live action?


Animation is a useful tool for explaining technical or scientific processes.  A 60 second animated explainer video could showcase your company’s key technology and engage potential investors, collaborators or clients. Our specialists can create everything from animated statistics, motion graphics to a fully animated 3d or 2d video.

Live Action

For anything other than explainer videos, live action (non-animated video) is generally the best option. The most powerful instruments, when it comes to creating videos, are real people. With a scientific theme, it’s more important than ever to evoke an empathic response through interview or testimonial content. With a seemingly natural and unscripted end product, we’re always looking for authentic content to bring your scientific messages to life.

Science video production – tips

  • Keep it simple. When making science content you need to cater for all audiences. This means you should not use use abbreviations or acronyms and keep scientific language to an absolute minimum in your scripts and interviews.
  • Keep it real! On filming day it’s tempting to pull out the coloured liquid, pipettes, bunsen burners and lab coats. Yes, it’s great to film visual processes but remember to keep it authentic to what your company actually does.
  • Keep it short – for online video content it’s never a good idea to go over 2 minutes.

Let us help you

If you’re looking for a team to help you create effective scientific videos, give Bounce a call on 07799 417 598 or send us an email.

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