New year, new video campaign! Five video marketing ideas for 2020

It’s the first week of January and we’re back in the office.   Your Christmas food coma is now a distant memory! The office chat is new years’ resolutions and the latest health craze.

After the backlog of emails, it’s time to start thinking about a video marketing strategy for 2020.

But what video campaigns will you create this year? Here are some ideas to get your creativity flowing:

1. Case study video

If you’re only going to make one video in 2020 then a case study should be it! Also known as testimonial videos, these films let your customers sell the benefits of your product.  Its video’s answer to a word of mouth recommendation – the holy grail of marketing.

Perhaps you’re a training provider, a corporate business or a public sector organisation with a project to promote? Let you customers do the talking.  Case study shoots are easy to set up, take around ½ day to film and could give you a huge return on your investment. This case study was created for The University of Oxford and promotes academic engagement with entrepreneurship:

2. Event video

Are you planning to put on an event this year?  If you are, how about filming it? You’ve spent money on a smart venue, lighting and you’ve arranged guest speakers. All the ingredients are there for a dynamic event video.  Share your video afterwards on social media to continue the buzz, long after the event.  Use it to secure funding for future events, or send it out to your client list within a newsletter or to advertise next year’s event.

Here’s a highlights video for a business awards and launch event:

Create additional event video content

But event videos aren’t just about highlights videos. They are a gold mine for other types of video content.  Customers, staff and industry experts all in one place at the same time – get them on camera and capitalise on this opportunity.  Why not create a series of 10, 30 second interview snippets to release on social media?  They could be customer testimonials or insights from guest speakers.  Here’s one we filmed at an event:

3. Recruitment video

Recruitment videos will continue to be a strong trend for video marketing in 2020. Create a 2 minute video with multiple interviews from staff, clients or students showcasing the benefits of your business or organisation. Use a conversation interview style to capture authentic, unscripted content that will connect with the viewer. Here is one we produced for Tech Pixies who are a multi award-winning social enterprise.  They run digital skills courses for women wanting to return to work or start a business:

4. 30 second social media advert

If you’re planning to advertise on social media in 2020, then video marketing should be in your strategy.  According to a recent survey by Animoto, video is our number one favourite type of content on social media. Keep your social media ads short.  We suggest 30 – 45 seconds. Remember to make them visual, using captions so they can be watched without the sound turned on.  This simple and effective social media ad for music library Artlist, has was a hit on social media in 2019:

5. People-led campaign film

 A winning formula from last year; this format will run into 2020 and beyond…  A simple concept.  Bring 5 -10 lively characters together and film them delivering a powerful message in a studio setting.  These films can be interview based or scripted.  Keep them to around 90 seconds and get creative with graphics.  We love this 2019 hit from Extinction Rebellion:

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