Five Tips for Optimising Videos on LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn started allowing users to post video directly to their platform in 2017, video posts have sky rocketed. Over 225 million members now engage with video on a monthly basis. And with video posts being five times more likely to start a conversation than other types of content, it’s not surprising that businesses are embracing video on LinkedIn.

Here are five tips to ensure that your LinkedIn video posts have the maximum impact:

LinkedIn Video Tips


1. Create the right content

When it comes to choosing a subject for your LinkedIn video, the last thing that people want to see is your company sales pitch.  You need to create content that will add value to your LinkedIn audience.  One way of doing this is to create videos that offer free tips and hints.  Giving helpful insights is going to position you as industry expert, not only building your brand but providing helpful content for people to like and comment

2. Upload natively

‘Native video’ means video that is posted directly to LinkedIn rather than via a link to another platform such as YouTube.  Posting native videos means that they autoplay in people’s feeds, which is more likely to grab their interest.  A recent study showed that native Facebook videos get 10 times more shares than Youtube linked videos; this  is also likely to be true for LinkedIn videos.

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3. Keep it short

When a video pops up in your social media feed, how often do you glance at the duration to check if it’s worth your time to actually watch?  And once you do press play, how many times have you abandoned it after just a few seconds and moved onto the next one?  I know that if a video isn’t short, sweet and attention grabbing, I simply won’t bother with it. In our digital age of instant gratification, studies have shown that we now have an attention span  shorter than a goldfish!

So when it comes to length.  The simple answer is less is more.  If you can get your message across in 30 seconds, great, and we don’t recommend going over 1 minute.

4. Use captions

85% of social media videos are viewed without the sound turned on.  How many times have you scrolled through social media and spotted a video that that looks like someone is talking in a goldfish bowl because you can’t hear what they’re saying and there are no captions?  You’re not going to sit and watch that video!

LinkedIn now allow you to add caption files to your video and with handy websites like around to produce your captions files for just $1 a minute, it is really easy to do!

5. Go for Square

57% of LinkedIn use is now via a mobile phone meaning that you can consider optimising your LinkedIn videos to a 1×1 square format for mobile viewing.

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