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Based in Oxford but filming throughout the UK, Bounce specialises in film and documentary production. Our founder and creative director, Grace Gibbons, has produced hours of documentary content for the BBCDiscovery and Channel 4. Grace has captured everything from refugee border crossings to life changing medical operations, and shoots have taken her on adventures from San Francisco to China!

Do you have a compelling story that you’d like to share? Documentary production gives unique insight into untold stories, remarkable places and extraordinary lives. We can produce anything from a 5-minute short film production to a feature length documentary.  As well as creating our own in-house documentary content, we also work in partnership with other production companies.

Tips for creating documentary content

● Focus on the extraordinary – we are fascinated by worlds that are different to ours. Film people and places with a memorable story to tell.
● Find great characters – warm, lively and open characters are key and they need to evoke empathy from the viewer.
● Capture powerful interview content – through a relaxed and conversational interview style.

Film and documentary fixer services

For production companies based elsewhere or coming from overseas, we offer a local film production manager/fixer service in the Oxford area.  We have good links and contacts, including at Oxford University, and can help you get the access, filming permissions and insurance needed for your documentary production.

Latest documentary

History documentary exploring how the First World War shaped the lives and works of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis.

Client Testimonial


What a great experience Bounce Video created for us. We worked remotely for a more than a month, getting 2 weeks of production together. They took care of all aspects of the documentary. Oxford is such a gorgeous place to shoot, and we were spoiled because Bounce Video made it an easy place to shoot as well.

Jock Peterson, Eastgate Creative, Los Angeles

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