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Customer Video Testimonials and Case Study Films Oxford

Based in Oxford, but filming in London and throughout the UK, Bounce specialises in customer video testimonials and case study films.  Our BAFTA-winning creative director, Grace Gibbons, has over 10 years of interview experience and knows how to get authentic and engaging testimonial video content from your clients.

Through a testimonial video, your clients can talk about how much they value you, and how you’ve helped them achieve their goals.  Customer video testimonials are personal and engaging, so they build trust much more effectively than written reviews and are as close as you can get to the ’holy grail’ form of marketing: word-of-mouth.

customer testimonials
customer testimonials
customer testimonials
customer testimonials

Tips for testimonial videos:

● Chose good talkers – select an interviewee who you think is likely to feel comfortable on camera. If someone is chatty and confident talking on the phone, they usually come across well on film.
● Hide the microphone – it looks more professional if you can’t see a microphone clipped to someone’s shirt. Ask you video provider to conceal it.
● Keep it short – when it comes to online video viewing, less is more – you ‘re likely to lose 50% of your viewers after 60 seconds.
● Wear bright colours – encourage your clients to wear a bit of colour on screen and avoid black and white.
● Film at your client’s offices – that way you can get some visuals of the client at work to illustrate the interview.

Latest testimonial video

Customer Video Testimonials Oxford –

Let us help you

If you are looking for a team to help you create an effective series of testimonial or case study videos, give Bounce a call on 01865 428890 or send us an email.