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Sony F5 Vs Canon C300

I recently had my first experience with the Sony PMWpmwf5_3q_130222_01 - Copy F5 on our promotional video shoot in Oxford for North Parade Market.

For a long time whilst I was working in broadcast TV, the Canon C300 was the go-to camera for big budget factual productions looking for that glossy, shallow depth of field look.

So it was no surprise, that when Sony finally released an alternative in October 2012, there was a big buzz around this camera.

Since then, the FIMG_33815 has exploded onto the market and after much research, cameraman, Matt Boult decided he needed to get one for his corporate video production and TV work.

So how does the F5 compare to the C300 for usability and performance?

Firstly the shape is much more similar to traditional ENG cameras like the Sony PMW 500. It’s bigger and bulkier and much more suited to shoulder mounted shooting than the C300, which was top heavy and couldn’t be rested on the floor without toppling over.

For people who’ve been shooting with Sonys for years, the layout will feel intuitive and familiar. You’ll find more functions available as switches on the side panel than with the C300, where you often needed to access them via the menu.

The F5 also shoots up to 2k and 4k as well as in HD, like the Canon C300. It doesn’t look like broadcast TV and video platforms like Youtube and Vimeo will be moving away from HD too soon but the Sony F5 is future proof.

IMG_3506I’m not sure how it compares to the C300, but I was really impressed by the colour composition on the camera – the colours looked beautifully vivid and bright. So good, in fact, that you could probably get away without doing a colour grade in post.

Overall both Matt and I were really impressed with the camera but there’s still lots to discover and we can’t wait to take it out again.

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